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QR Barcode for Grade Ticker

Release Date: 4/8/2010


This app is a simple tool professors can use while grading assignments/tests. The idea is simple: when you take points off a students paper, you press the associated button that corresponds to that value you took off.

For example, suppose you have a test out of 100 points. As you are going through the assignment, the student loses 3 points on a question. On the app, you press the -3 button, and the value at the top of the app will change from 100 to 97. Why is this helpful? When you are finished grading the paper, you will no longer need to go back and count every point deduction! This might not seem like a lot, but when you have 100 papers to grade, it comes in handy!

Highlights in version 1:
  • Set custom start value – if the assignment you are grading is out of 60 points instead of 100 points, you can adjust the start value to reflect this change.
  • Set custom button values – the default button values are +/- 1,3,5. These values can be changed in the settings menu in order to meet your grading demands.
  • Red and Green buttons for quick and easy recognition – all buttons which contain a negative value are red, while buttons that contain a positive value are green.
  • Point feed – at the top of the application is a feed which shows the last several buttons you pressed. Say a student has several -3’s in a row, and you stop in the middle of grading to let your dog out. When you return, you can’t remember if you subtracted the last -3. This feed allows you to go back and see what the last several buttons you pressed were, allowing you to find the spot you left off.
  • An Android device running Android 1.6+


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