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Attendance and Gradebook Updates

We updated our Attendance and Gradebook Apps, and this should resolve any issues users had with the app not being able to find your Google Doc spreadsheets. Let us know if you have any problems.

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Grade Chart

We just launched a new app – Grade Chart. (DOWNLOAD LINK)

Grade Chart is a simple grading tool for teachers and professors. Enter in the number of questions for the assignment you’re grading, and this will generate a quick reference chart to help you determine the grade percentage and letter grade for all possible numbers of missed questions.

Bonus Feature: Tap the rows as you grade your students and you can generate a graph that gives you a snapshot of how your class did on the assignment.


Check it out!



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Grade Rubric – Major Update Today

We’re very, very close to launching a major update to Grade Rubric today. The new app will have several cool new features. Here’s a small list.

  1. Customize the Number of Rubric Items
    Now you’ll be able to create Rubrics and create as many rubric categories that you want
  2. Assign a different weight to each Rubric Item
    Users were asking for a way to weight certain rubric categories so that they were worth more. Now you will be able to do that.
  3. Save multiple custom rubrics
    Now you’ll be able to create as many different rubrics as you want and keep them saved. If you have different rubrics for your quizzes, exams, and papers – now you’ll be able to have them all saved at the same time.
  4. Slider bar for Numeric Rubrics
    We’re getting rid of radio buttons for numeric rubrics and introducing a sliding scale. So if you have a rubric category that has a high maximum number, you’ll be able to use it with our app.

Stay tuned. We plan to release this later today.


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Words With Friends Comes to Android! Play a Game with Us!

A lot of my friends with iPhones have had Word With Friends on their iPhones for awhile. Every time I go home for a visit, I get jealous because I can’t play them. Now I can. Words with Friends was released on Android this week!

This is basically Scrabble that you can play with other people who have the app. You can even play people who have the app on their iPhones. It’s nice because it’s turn based, and you can play your turn whenever it’s convenient. You can also have multiple games going at once. This game is highly addictive.

This also seems like this opens up some cool applications in the classroom. I know of a few schools where everyone (teachers and students) has an Android device. Some very cool things could be done with your students and Words with Friends if you’re at one of those schools.

P.S. I’ll play you. Download the app and start a game with me. My username is andycullison

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Thanks for Filling out the Surveys!

You’ll notice that our apps run ads in the bottom, and that we occasionally advertise optional surveys. We’ve been trying to determine what disciplines our users teach, what grade levels you teach, whether you’re active researchers.

This really helps us determine what direction to take our app development. It helps us decide what features we should add to our current apps, and it also helps us prioritize future app development.

We’ve been getting a lot of survey data from you, and we just wanted to tell you that we appreciate it.

We hope you appreciate that we’ve made a conscientious effort to keep our surveys VERY short (usually only 3 questions) and VERY mobile-friendly. We’re committed to keeping it that way for any future surveys.

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Tribulant Newsletter Plugin

Thanks to everyone who signed up to receive news updates. We’ll be sending out our first round of updates soon.

As you can see, we run our site using WordPress, and we are currently looking into the most effective way to manage sending out news and updates to our users. Read the rest of this entry »

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Diaspora Invites for Educators

Diaspora recently started rolling out invites for their Alpha test, and we want to help them out by giving away our Diaspora invites to enthusiastic people who work in education.

We see enormous potential for Diaspora in educational environments. Professors and teachers might want to have students use something like Facebook for class, but be reluctant for various reasons. We think that some of these reservations might be addressed by Diaspora. Their use of what they call “aspects” is particularly promising. Aspects allow you to easily compartmentalize your contacts so you can blast out updates to some groups and not others. This would be perfect for different classes (or small groups within classes).

The best way to start realizing this potential is to get some tech geek teachers on Diaspora to start exploring.

If you haven’t heard about Diaspora yet. You need to check them out. Their kickstarter story is here.

We currently have 5 invites that we’ll give them away at random to educators who do one of three things (yes, you may enter three times by doing all three).

  1. Comment on This Post Option
    Comment on this post and tell us a bit about you and your role in education (e.g K-12 teacher, college professor, administrator, IT person…)

  2. Twitter Option
    Retweet This
    Copy this and tweet it
    Hey educators, @droidacademics is giving away their Diaspora invites – #edtech

  3. Facebook Option
    Like us on Facebook.

Right now we have 5 invites to give away. As we get more invites we’ll draw from the above three lists and give away more. Our goal is to quickly generate a nice community of educators on Diaspora to start collectively exploring what we can do with this thing.

Drawings will begin on December 17.


Follow Us on Facebook

Android for Academics now has a Facebook Page. You can connect with us there.

Spread the word to your Facebook friends that might be interested in Android for Academics.

Here’s a link to our page.

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Follow Us On Twitter

We have a twitter account now. Follow us and you’ll get updates about any new apps. You’ll get updates about any updates to our current apps.

Plus, if we see anything cool out there for academics using Android, we’ll post about it.


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Grade Ticker v2.5


  • BUG-FIX: Grade Ticker will now save your “Starting grade value” from session to session.
  • FEATURE: Grade Ticker is now ad-supported!
  • MOD: Layout has slightly changed due to making room for ads.

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