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Grade Ticker v2.5


  • BUG-FIX: Grade Ticker will now save your “Starting grade value” from session to session.
  • FEATURE: Grade Ticker is now ad-supported!
  • MOD: Layout has slightly changed due to making room for ads.

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Grade Ticker v2.0


  • Added intent receiver so Grade Ticker can be used alongside the grade book app to submit student grades.

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Grade Ticker Demo

This is an Android for Academics app. We have a page dedicated to the app here.

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Grade Ticker Released!

For all of you professors/instructors out there, Grade Ticker is now on the Android Market!

Description: “Simple tool for professors and teachers to keep track of point deductions as you grade papers and exams. Calculate grade as you go and save time by not doing a post grade tally.”

More Info:

QR Barcode:

Grade Ticker QR Barcode

Some screenshots:

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