Grade Rubric – Major Update Released!

We have released our major update of Grade Rubric. As we noted before it has tons of cool new features.
Grade Rubric

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  1. Customize the Number of Rubric Items
    Now you’ll be able to create Rubrics and create as many rubric categories that you want
  2. Assign a different weight to each Rubric Item
    Users were asking for a way to weight certain rubric categories so that they were worth more. Now you will be able to do that.
  3. Save multiple custom rubrics
    Now you’ll be able to create as many different rubrics as you want and keep them saved. If you have different rubrics for your quizzes, exams, and papers – now you’ll be able to have them all saved at the same time.
  4. Slider bar for Numeric Rubrics
    We’re getting rid of radio buttons for numeric rubrics and introducing a sliding scale. So if you have a rubric category that has a high maximum number, you’ll be able to use it with our app.

Also the free version is now a fully functioning version. It does everything the paid version does; it’s just ad supported. Grading according to rubrics is a remarkable time saver. It is also a great grading method because it keeps you fair and consistent, and it gives students great, detailed feedback.

Also, don’t forget. With Grade Rubric you can set the app up to generate a grade report for your student and email it to them.

Here’s some eye candy!

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