Quick Cite: Bibliography Made Awesome

File this one under awesome. Some ingenious students have developed an app for Android (and iPhone) that lets you scan a book’s barcode, and it will email you a properly formatted reference (Chicago, MLA, APA, or IEEE).

I just tried it out. The concept is awesome, and the app is pretty good. I had one force close issue when I first tried it out, but it worked fine the next three tries.

This app has a lot of promise. It is limited as a full-blown research tool since it only does books, but I can easily see ways for them to add methods to grab DOIs. If they did this, you could scan full references to journals. Until then, I think the app is still worth having, and it could easily be turned into a must have.

Here are some features, I’d love to see (and I think at least two of them could be added pretty easily).

  1. A method for pulling in DOIs
  2. A way to store past scans so you could generate a bibliography for an entire paper
  3. Additional sharing options (e.g. give users the option to share the text via the built in Android share function).

Download it and try it out. You can check it out on their website here. Here’s the market link.

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