Manage Student Paper Submissions In Google Docs

If you’re a teacher with an Android device, there’s a good chance you use Google Docs to have students submit papers. We’ve already posted a couple of tips for using Google Docs this way. Here’s another one.

Google has recently added a lot ways to quickly filter through papers. Here’s a complete list.

One of the many useful tips there is to use search operators. If  you have students submit papers with a standardized title you can search “title:[insert title]” If you want to find everything shared with you by one of your students simply search “from:[insert student’s email address]”. Here’s the table  of search operators Google posted.

Operator Definition Example
“ ” Quotes To find documents that contain that exact phrase. “match this phrase exactly”
OR To find documents with at least one of the words. tacos OR nachos
– Hyphen Documents that don’t have a particular word. So if you want docs that mention salsa, but not dancing use… salsa -dancing
from: Documents shared from someone
to: Documents shared to someone
is:starred Items that you have marked with a star. is:starred
is:hidden Items that you have hidden from the main Documents List by deselecting the Show in Home option. is:hidden
type: Search by the type of document. This covers: document, spreadsheet and presentation. type:spreadsheet
before:YYYY-MM-DD after:YYYY-MM-DD Find items that were edited before or after a certain day. before:2010-12-01
owner: Search according to who owns the item. owner:Frank
title: Search by the item’s title title:”Conference 2010”

There are many other ways to easily filter through your Google Docs folder. Check out the complete list here.

Here’s a list of some of our other Google Docs tips and tricks.

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