Google Adds eBooks to Android Market

About a week ago, we posted about the rumors that Google was going to add an eBook section to the Android market. The rumors were true.

Google launched it, and it looks awesome. It seamlessly integrates with their Google eBook store, but now you can browse the books right from within the Android market.

As we said before, this has some enormous potential for education. There are so many great, free ebooks out there in Google’s eBook store. I just downloaded a copy of Plato’s Republic (for free) to test it out. The process is easy and awesome.

Check it out –

  1. #1 by Nathan on November 1, 2011 - 8:09 pm

    Good news. Android is really picking up steam on several fronts. I recently saw a graph that showed Android-based phones have passed iPhones in units shipped month to month. Of course, to be fair that is many companies against one so Apple is doing just fine.


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