Tribulant Newsletter Plugin

Thanks to everyone who signed up to receive news updates. We’ll be sending out our first round of updates soon.

As you can see, we run our site using WordPress, and we are currently looking into the most effective way to manage sending out news and updates to our users.

We could go with a site like iContact or MailChimp, but they cost $7-$10 a month and that’s just at the base level. I did some digging and found a WordPress plugin called Newsletter by Tribulant software. It’s $49.99 for a one-time license – which might initially sound steep, but it looks like it gives you a lot of the functionality of these subscription services. So for 5 months of newsletter subscription service, you have that functionality for the life of your WordPress install. Here’s a list of features.

I’ve played around with the demo, and I think we’re going to try it out for our first newsletter.

While playing with the demo, it occurred to me that this might be a good way for schools and universities that use WordPress MU installs to manage newsletter emails to faculty, students, and alumni. I’ll play around with it more and once I’m more familiar with how the plugin works – I’ll post more on this idea.

Oh…and if you haven’t signed up to receive email updates from us – you can do that here.

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