Samsung Galaxy Tab = Amazing Academic Research Tool

I just discovered an awesome trick involving a couple of Android apps that makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab one of the coolest research tools ever.

What You Need

  1. Some electronic readings for your research
    An Android Tablet is now full of ways to read electronic versions of things on your tablet. Pick your favorite.
  2. Evernote App (or Catch)
    These are two excellent note taking programs. You can take notes on your device and sync them with an online account. Notes can be organized with multiple labels to help you quickly sift through them.
  3. Screen Shot It
    Most screenshot apps for Android require that the device be rooted, but Screen Shot It works on my unrooted Samsung Galaxy Tab!

What You Do

  1. Read until you find a passage that you want to grab and take notes on.
  2. Use Screen Shot It to capture the page you’re reading.
  3. Crop it (optional). If you don’t want the entire page, just a passage.
  4. Click “Share” and you’ll have options to share the image via a wide variety of apps. Click on Catch or Evernote.
  5. The image will be uploaded into a Catch or Evernote Note. Type whatever you want and click “Save” – make sure to tag it for easy sorting later.

After this you’ll be back to the book/journal article you were reading. My Samsung Galaxy Tab has just become an amazing research tool.

Here’s a video of me playing around with it.

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