Calendar Quick Add (Must Have App for Teachers)

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I love using Google Calendar, and I love the integration with the calendar on my Droid. But adding events takes way more time and clicking than it should.

I thought, there should be a button on my home screen. It should be set up to piggy-back off of Google Voice-to-Text input. It should allow me to quickly add events to my calendar. When a student comes up to me after class and asks to schedule an appointment, I should be able to hit that button, say, “Meet Bob in my office on Friday at 2PM” and the widget should take care of the rest.

It didn’t take long to get satisfaction. I searched and quickly found “Calendar Quick Add” – this app does everything I just described above. Seriously. It’s amazing. And it’s free.

We didn’t make this one, but I wish we had. Here’s the developer’s website. You should download this app and then go tell the developer how awesome you think it is.

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